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Subtropical Pomology

The subtropical fruits group has been involved in studies of plant material and cultural practices in subtropical fruit tree species since the 70's. These studies have allowed important advances in the knowledge of water requirements, soil management, nutrition, training and production pruning, pollination and fruit set. The current activities of the group involves are focused on a sustainable utilization of the genetic resources of subtropical fruit tree species through 1) the study of genetic resources with the aim of contribute to their preservation and use, 2) the basic knowledge of the physiological processes and genetic traits related to the production and management of subtropical fruits, 3) the improvement of the production efficiency through the reduction in the dependence on chemical products and with a minimum environmental impact.


The current lines of research include the study and conservation of genetic resources, reproductive biology and the selection of new genotypes. These activities are performed both in the most important subtropical fruit species in Southeastern Spain (cherimoya, avocado and mango) and in other species which could increase their importance in the future (litchi, carambola, lucuma or pitaya)


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